Dear Pastor,

I am excited about your interest in seeing your church grow numerically and financially! I am called as a church growth evangelist to see the local church grow and prosper beyond measure. I have ministered in over 500 churches in the past 14 years. (Please visit to learn more about this ministry.) How many times have you been to a Conference on growing the local church and leave energized, but not armed with relative, progressive, proven strategies? How much money was spent to travel to all of these Conferences? Airfare, hotel, registration, food and products to name a few of the expenses. You might spend about $1,000 or much more per conference, especially if you take your spouse or any staff members with you.

I want to share with you about a new ministry service I have created just for ministers who want to see their churches dramatically increase NUMERICALLY AND FINANCIALLY. It is called... "The Weekly Resource for Ministers"… an absolutely powerful, one-of-a-kind service to ministers. There is nothing like it available anywhere on the planet! I want to highly encourage you to subscribe to this incredible service today. You are going to receive a fresh, anointed sermon outline…and a proven church growth strategy every week that will increase any church in attendance and income regardless of location or denomination affiliation. You can use the weekly outlines as resource material in building your messages. The weekly church growth strategies will touch and bless every facet of your church.

"The Weekly Resource for Ministers" is a much-needed service, because of all the vital weekly information that every minister wants, needs and will use. I kept the cost very affordable, so every minister can take full advantage of this service and be blessed beyond measure! For just $5 per week, which is $260 per year, you receive…A FRESH ANOINTED SERMON OUTLINE SALTED WITH ILLUSTRATIONS AND A PROVEN CHURCH GROWTH STRATEGY EVERY WEEK! That's 52 sermons and 52 church growth strategies every year!!!! This will by far be the best $5 you have ever invested in your church and ministry each week!

I cannot stress to you the importance of taking advantage of this exclusive service. I know that one piece of information will dramatically increase your church NUMERICALLY AND FINANCIALLY. Use the order form below and subscribe to this service today, so you will not miss out on any of the material. I guarantee you that this new service is going to revolutionize your church and ministry. Make no mistake about it…You Will Be Blessed Beyond Measure!!!!! With great anticipation, I look forward to hearing from you this week.


Yours for Church Growth,
Lowell Mims
Church Growth Evangelist


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