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This web site was created and designed to help pastors and church leaders Take Their Cities for God! As you navigate, you will discover 3 life-changing, dynamic church growth tools that have blessed hundreds of churches numerically and financially…and now they are available to you.
  • Tool #1: The Taking Your City for God Crusade---A Crusade consists of two services… the Sunday AM and PM Services… that will activate, equip and commission the body of Christ in your church to help you, the pastor Take Your City for God! A Crusade includes preaching, teaching and commissioning that catapults the laity beyond the four walls to do the work of the ministry! Also, you will receive church growth strategies that relate to your vision, so numerical and financial growth can take place as the Lord adds to your church daily. There is nothing better than bringing a Taking Your City for God Crusade right into your church, so your people can be rallied around your vision to help you see it become a reality. They will experience church growth explosion firsthand!! Click "Scheduling Information" to schedule a Crusade.

  • Tool #2: The "Weekly Resource for Ministers" Service--- This exclusive service will provide you with a fresh, anointed sermon outline AND a proven effective church growth strategy EVERY WEEK! One piece of information can produce colossal results!! The weekly church growth strategies will touch and bless every facet of your church. This is the answer to your church experiencing progressive numerical and financial growth every week!! There is nothing else like it anywhere on the planet! To begin receiving "The Weekly Resource for Ministers" click "For Ministers."

  • Tool #3: The Power-Packed "Taking Your City for God" 4-Tape Album--- Four stirring messages that will launch you into action. Anointed preaching and teaching that is invaluable, instructive and educational on demonstrating the Word of God! To order click "Products."
  • Take advantage of these 3 life-changing, dynamic church growth tools and experience the greatest numerical and financial increase ever in your church. You Will Be Blessed Beyond Measure! Your church and ministry will be revolutionized like never before! God is no respecter of persons, what He has done for hundreds of others who are using these proven effective church growth tools… He Will Do For You! So, position yourself today to experience all that God has for you. Now You Can See Your Vision Come To Pass And Your Dreams Become A Reality! I am looking forward to hearing from you, so I can be a blessing to you…

    Yours for Church Growth,
    Lowell Mims
    Church Growth Evangelist

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