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Dear Lowell:

THANK YOU ... for the opportunity to praise the Lord for His goodness as a new and strategic ministry has begun for churches through your "Taking Your City For God" Crusades.

I commend you for the significant response indicated by church participation in many cities of the U.S. and in other countries. Pastors must urgently lead their churches to a renewed understanding that their mission must always be missionary as well as pastoral to their cities.

Be assured of my personal prayers and encouragement for you, your family and the churches that will benefit during future months and years from the "Taking Your City For God" Crusades.

Grateful for God's Goodness,

Dr. John N. Vaughan
International Megachurch Research Center

Author of
The Large Church
The World's Twenty Largest Churches
Co-Author of The Complete Book of Church Growth

Dr. John Vaughan is quoted in the..

"A clear evangelical mission seems almost a must for success. The megachurch," Vaughan says, "intends to take a city for God."

Here is what pastors are saying about The Taking Your City for God Crusades...

  "I give Lowell Mims an unconditional recommendation to the body of
  Christ. It does not matter what size the church is, if that body of
  believers will follow the program that Lowell has outlined, it will
  not only minister to them, but it will bring many new families into
  the fellowship." Washington, DC   "Lowell Mims has ministered at our church in several Crusades and has
  been very beneficial to our body. It is with great liberty that I
  recommend this ministry to you. He will bless your church! There
  will be fruit!!" Louisiana   "Lowell was overwhelmingly received by everyone. With great
  confidence and enthusiasm, I recommend his ministry to our greater
  churches all over America." Illinois   "My wife and I pioneered our church 4 years ago in a city of 100,000
  people, and now we have over 1,200 people attending. Lowell has
  held 4 Crusades already for us. His ministry has blessed our church
  numerically and financially." Texas   "Lowell Mims is used in encouraging the local church to impact their city
  and to get solidly behind their Pastor. You will find him to be a great
  motivator for your congregation." Alabama   "In the highest terms I would like to recommend the ministry of Lowell
  Mims. My feelings stem from the impact of his ministry on our church.
  The fruit has remained. He is a man of integrity and that shines
  through. He is worth scheduling more than once! We want him back!"
  South Carolina   "The combination of powerful preaching, deep content, and caring
  friendship makes Lowell's ministry unique. I recommend that
  pastors have him to minister in their church as soon as possible."
  California   "We've grown to over 3,000 people using Lowell's blueprint and was
  awarded the fastest growing church in our state and one of the top 10
  in America." Oklahoma   "Lowell Mims is always a blessing and inspiration to me and our
  congregation. He has been with us on 5 different occasions. We
  certainly think the world of him and are looking forward to having
  him back again." Kansas   "Lowell Mims is the finest Christian gentleman I have ever known.
  He is a minister to the 'minister.' The crowds are always large and
  the results dynamic. Lowell is what you need!" Virginia   "Lowell Mims came to our church as a friend who really cares about our
  church. That kind of friendship and concern are rare these days, and
  I appreciate it very much. His preaching was anointed, powerful and
  filled with materials to help our church grow and prosper."
  California   "We had tremendous results from the impartation that Lowell brought to
  us. I personally enjoy working with ministries whose fruit remain. We
  are excited to have him back with us." Oregon   "Lowell's Taking Your City for God Crusade is applicable to any church
  anywhere. Don't miss the chance to have him impact your people and
  you. Take time to be with him and glean from his wealth of knowledge."
  South Carolina   "Lowell's strategies are not theory, but powerful facts that have been
  proven very successful." Virginia   "In each service people respond quickly to Lowell's altar call. He
  brings with him a wealth of material that can be a help to any church
  regardless of size. He displays strong support to the pastor. He
  is not only an evangelist, but a man who has become my friend."
  Canada   "The ministry of Lowell Mims can involve an entire church in sensitive
  evangelism that will cause continuous growth."
  Dr. John Hurston, Church Growth Consultant   "Since Lowell's Crusade at our church two months ago, we have
  instituted many of the church management functions he suggested,
  and it has paid off. We have increased in visitor returns by 45%,
  membership is up by 39% and income by 35%!!" Georgia   "Lowell was not only a blessing to our people and church, but he
  was also a great blessing to me personally. He had a tremendous
  impact upon our church. I look forward to having him back again."
  Florida   "Since Lowell held his first Taking Your City for God Crusade at our
  church nine months ago, we have grown seven times the size we
  were and moved into our third facility!!!" Georgia   "The year following Lowell's first Crusade, we had the largest income
  ever, and we had to add an extra AM service. Now, both AM services
  are full!" New York   "We had the largest attendance in the history of our church as well
  as the largest offering on the Sunday following Lowell's Crusade."   Minnesota   Pastor Leon Bible
  Noted Dake Scholar… "My relationship with Lowell Mims has extended
  over 12 years and 6 Crusades. Since his last Crusade our attendance
  has been up and our finances continue to increase. All of our people
  love him very much. I would encourage any pastor who is serious
  about seeing his church filled and his finances go up, to have Lowell
  for a Crusade."   Dr. John Vaughn
  Assistant Professor, Church Growth and author of The World's 20
  Largest Churches… "Lowell Mims' church growth strategy will benefit
  any church to a ministry of multiplication, soul winning and responsible
  church members. The megachurch intends to take a city for God."


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